DEMELO FITNESS personal training is managed by Joshua DeMelo - a London native. He has a background in competitive bodybuilding, having placed 2nd in his first competition. He is moving on to the provincial level in 2017. Josh is also certified by the Canadian Personal Training Network and also has worked with some of the TOP coaches in the fitness industry. 

With Josh by your side, you will have the tools and motivation to reach your fitness goals. Not only can we reach those goals together, but DEMELO FITNESS can help with maintaining the progress you make. 

Josh uses a combination of resistance training, together with cardiorespiratory training. These training methods are tried and true - they work for every body type. And with the necessary tweaks to suit your goals, you will be sure to have a customized training program. 

We offer a variety of personal training packages to fit every budget, and payment plans are available. 




P: 519 933 7208